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About Us

Our Story

The Wild Indoors was started by a Mother and Daughter that have a love of animals and a wealth of knowledge to share. Our mission is to provide caregivers with the knowledge and products that their four-legged family members need to be happy and healthy

Our Philosophy on Pet Foods

  • Choosing a pet food should not be based solely on the ingredients but also what your specific pet needs from their diet.

Our Philosophy on Pet Health

  • A healthy pet begins with a healthy diet, regular veterinary care, and a well informed caregiver.


Heather Alflen has had a love for animals since a very young age. She started her love in 1994 with a cat named Tiger who she loved and cared for until his passing in 2011. She also rode, trained, and cared for horses from the age of 8 and still has horses that she loves and cares for today. Heather started her career in animals when she took a job as a cashier at a pet store as a high school student and from there went to Baker College and became a Licensed Veterinary Technician. She has dedicated her life to learning about animal health and continues to share all she has learned. Today Heather is married to her wonderful Husband Joe and has 3 kids Olivia(6), Oliver (2) and Odin (6 months). They also have 1 cat(Stewart), 1 dog(Olaf), 1 miniature horse (Peanut), 1 pony (Cotton), 1 quarter horse (Macie) and 2 goats (ragnar and Rollo) that she loves dearly. We lost our beloved great dane Marcus in October 2021 from cancer.


Rebecca Willis spent over 30 years working in various management positions at Meijer inc. In those years she gained a large amount of knowledge about all areas of retail and learned how to specialize customer serivce to relate to customers on a personal level. During her 30+ years at meijer she also raised a family with her husband(John- passed away 11/12/23) that included 3 children(Crystal, Heather and John) and also several pets from hamsters to horses. Rebecca has always loved animals and considers her pets to be part of the family, therefore opening a pet supply store has been a dream come true. Rebecca currently has 6 grandchildren (Nick,Caitlin, Olivia, Oliver, Odin and Connor), 1 grandchild (Oakley) and she lost her beloved pomeranian Brody in the spring of 2020 and her Kitties Gus and Billie in 2022 and 2023.

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